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  • Cherry López

Can I start Making Art in My late 30s?

Updated: Apr 2, 2022


I used to say that Art for me was just a hobby and therapy. I was so convinced that I couldn't make a living from art, for more than 20 years I believed that lie that took me so far away from my passion: being a visual artist and writer.

I never stopped making art or writing, I just made art like someone who decides to make a banana bread and only shares it with their family and friends. I thought that was enough to satiate my appetite to create, it was obvious that this hunger to create I numbed it in such a way that I believed that it was no longer in me.

At the age of 35 there was a drastic change in my lifestyle, and from there I had a beautiful reunion with my creativity and it received me with open arms and told me: I´m here.


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