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  • Cherry López

When your art turns into a statement for yourself.

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Last Sunday, July 17, was great, I had a lot of fun seeing new faces, hearing new stories, and being able to talk about my creative process and my pieces.

I took the opportunity to show part of my New Series 'Don't Be Afraid To Be Bold' which was a complete success, I had very good comments from people and that filled my chest with gratitude.

The statement behind this series is this: when I was painting on the canvas, I had a need to be very bold and weird and unintentionally defy the trend of aesthetic style. I knew it wasn't going to be something that expressed simplicity and softness, no, I knew it was the other way around. So I went for it, all or nothing, but to express my boldness. So I did,

"I'm going to express my raw boldness"

In the end I came to the conclusion that I stayed true to my instinct and creative expression, and maybe that's why people felt connected to my pieces, because I was expressing my need to explore this Boldness and at the same time challenging my own insecurities of venture into unknown terrain. The best part is that I enjoyed every step of my process with this series, because the it was so immersive for me that my mind flew away.

There are moments in life, not only in art, when we have to be true to ourselves, we have to show our past, present and future selves that we can make things happen, because sometimes we can sabotage ourselves from doing what we feel at certain moments in life.

For this reason, these series are a before and after in my expression and artistic language, and I am going to enjoy the journey.


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